No 2 Sencha Green Kombucha - Left Field Kombucha 330ml 0.5%

No 2 Sencha Green Kombucha - Left Field Kombucha 330ml 0.5%

Left Field Kombucha

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The sparkling No.2 Sencha Green kombucha tea (Great Taste Award winner 2019) has a complex flavour profile, and is as fresh as the spring morning the tea was harvested.  The tea, which contains both the stems and the leaves, is enriched by the inclement coastal weather of Shizuoka.

The Great Taste Award 2019 judges said...

"What a wonderful flavour. So well balanced with fruity zesty notes along with some savoury notes which are producing a fabulous refreshing drink.
Fresh and lively, cleansing on the palate and with a burst of freshness."


 No.2 STYLE:


TEA ORIGIN:  Shizouka, Honshu, Japan


Serve chilled as a drink on its own at any time of day.

Food pairing: Tea is as good a match with food as wine is. This kombucha is excellent with sushi, asparagus, and everything in between.


Fermented drinks are known for being good for you and your gut (while your guts don't make for a pretty photo their friends surely do). This is a sparkling, low sugar, raw, non-alcoholic, refreshing drink full of goodness. With no added flavourings. In short 

  • It goes exceptionally well with  a range of food and on its own
  • It’s naturally full of healthy acids for good digestion – get yourself a Buch Belly
  • It’s naturally low in sugar and calories and gluten free
  • It’s a vegan tipple – rich in nutritious goodness if you are on a plant-based diet


STORE CHILLED, and consume within 3 days of opening. Left Field Kombucha is a raw, unpasteurised drink. It needs to be kept in the fridge.

Suitable for vegans and gluten-free.

Ingredients: Tea infusion (water, sugar, Sencha Kukicha Green tea), and a natural fermentation culture.

Typical values per 100ml:

Energy 60kJ/14kcal; Fat 0.1g of which saturates 0.0g; Carbohydrate 3.2g, of which sugars 3.2g; Protein 0.1g; Salt 0.0g


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