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This fantastic pack contains all 4 Jarr Kombucha bottles: 

Original, Passion Fruit, Ginger and the brand new Raspberry


With a perfect balance of both sour and sweet, the Original kombucha is reminiscent of green apples and citrus fruits, a refreshing kick at any time of the day.

Imagine your favourite ginger beer, but healthier, with more zing, and even more delicious. Freshly juiced ginger root is added to the original recipe for a zesty and fiery delight.

The delicious Passion Fruit kombucha is made by blending the classic kombucha with just the right amount of 100% pure Ecuadorian passion fruit purée for a burst of tropical flavour.


JARR raspberry kombucha is a natural fermented tea. Ideal for the summer seeker in you. Fresh fruity kombucha made the JARR way with sweet and juicy raspberries. 




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