Cipher - Mindful IPA 0.5% 330ml | Low Alcohol Beer

Cipher - Mindful IPA 0.5% 330ml | Low Alcohol Beer

Cipher Brew

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From the Producer:

"Cipher 'Mindful' is an India Pale Ale style with a small abv and a big IBU. Jam-packed with 5 all-American hops; Amarillo, Cascade, Centennial, Mosaic and Simcoe. Further dry hopped along with grapefruit for added flavour, aroma and bitterness.  A heavily hopped low alcohol beer with a flavour profile that lives up to a traditional IPA.

Historically low alcohol beer has been made by brewing a normal beer, at standard abv, and then removing the alcohol. This involves some form of post fermentation treatment, which invariably makes the beer taste odd!
We have brewed a beer with the target of it having a low ABV. This means we have basically not used much malt in the brew, and the malt we used is darker and more complex in flavour to offset the lack of base malt. This is the reason we have added lactose [milk], as otherwise it would be very thin. But apart form that it is just a normal beer brewed with target ABV of 0.5%."
Why We Stock It:
Cipher Brew Mindful IPA is not only one of the best tasting IPAs on the market but it also comes with a strong underlying message. The company is passionate about mindfulness, mental health and their IPA and those are three things we can totally get behind! 
Backed by a strong brand, message and a great taste we are very happy to be stocking Cipher Brew Mindful IPA.

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